Bridge Constructor Answers


** NEW UPDATE ** Now comes with Tank Truck proof answers to all bridges!!  Get it on the App Store using the links below, now!

Bridge Constructor Answers is a reference app for iOS platforms from PlayStyle Games.

Building on the very popular Bridge Constructor game from HeadUp Games, BCA acts as an invaluable guide to help you produce answers to all of the bridges.  With information ranging from the most simplistic solutions to those involving the highest scores, together with hints, tips and ways to improve, BCA is a great companion to the game.

With all answers painstakingly devised by honoured scientist Dr. Keith Gibson learn from his experience and relish in being able to achieve some of the highest scores possible.

If you think you can do better, why not take a screenshot of your own answer and use the built-in email facility to upload your solution to have it included in future content updates!

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